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Spring 2017

If you are looking for after school care why

not give our exciting After School Club a try?


At the end of the school day children can have fun with their friends

by attending our After School Club which runs up to 5.30 pm.


Children will have the opportunity to be creative and play

through a range of activities, whilst learning at the same time.


Activities include art, sport, cooking, socialising,

learning about new places and cultures

and even doing their homework. 


We also provide a soft drink and a healthy, filling snack.


 Costs are:

 • £4.00 to 4.30 pm

• £7.50 to 5.30 pm

Childcare Vouchers accepted.


Children will be collected from the hall at 3.15 pm

and taken to the After School Club.


If they are attending a sports club etc after school

they will be collected from there and taken to After School Club.


 If you would like to register your child for our After School Club please see links below.   


Contact number for After School Club - 07340 027 509

What the children say:


Tom: “The food selection is really good.”


Isla: “They let us choose activities that we want to do.”


Amelia: “I love playing outside.”


Rosie: “ Snack is amazing, I love playing with the stickle bricks.”


Georgie: “ I like playing outside with the parachute and frizbies.”


William: “It’s fun and we can spend time with friends.”