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Creepy Crawlies – Week 3 and 4

Part 2


For part two of this project, please see below for a selection of activities including; science, literacy, art and design technology. We are going to develop our science knowledge with an everyday materials hunt and then we are going to see if we can make a creepy crawly hotel using recyclable materials. There are 4 sessions in total which can be as short or as long as you like.

Creepy Crawlies – Week 3 and 4


Our topic focus for the next two weeks is going to be ‘creepy crawlies’, we are keeping our link to the ‘Life of the Lakes’, but taking a closer look at some of the other creatures that live here. We will be going to take a project based approach to literacy and cover many other subjects as we complete different tasks. The tasks will be broken down and specific details will be given for each one, so you can pick and choose which activities you would like to do. There will be opportunities for science, outdoor learning, literacy and computing. This will hopefully help to create some flexible options to home learning.


Please see the break down for activities for the next two weeks there are 6 sessions in total which can be as short or as long as you like.

Life of the Lakes – Session 2



L.O. To identify the physical and human geography of the Lake District.


Using your picture that you completed in our last session, can you identify both human (house/road/church/bridge etc) and physical (mountains/rivers/trees) land features? If your picture doesn’t have them, you could include some extra detail to complete this challenge.


If you don’t want to change your picture, then you could use a photo you have, magazine articles, leaflets or another picture showing the Lake District with both human and physical land features.  After drawing or observing photos, ask children to identify the human and physical land features from what they have drawn or what they are looking at.


Can they now write a few sentences or create a list to show which features they have included? Can they explain the differences between the two?

Life of the Lakes - Session 1
(Subjects: Geography/Art)
L.O. To create a picture of the Lake District.

Start by having a look on Google images, in books or photographs you may have at home of the Lake District.
Use some of these ideas to create your own drawing of the Lake District.

Try and include both human (bridges/roads/buildings) and physical (mountains/rivers/lakes) features of the land in your artwork.

Take care when drawing and colour carefully.
You could use different art materials to bring your work to life.
(Pastels/paint/crayons etc)

Have fun!